Genetic Services

About Our Service

Your genes determine more than your blood type and physical features. They may also put you at risk for developing certain diseases including cancer. For most genetic disorders, an evaluation and counseling by a Spectrum Health geneticist is a good idea. We also provide information and support, and help you find community resources and services.

Features of Genetic Services

Cardiovascular Genetics

Does heart disease run in your family? Spectrum Health's genetics program can help you find out—and find out what you can do about it. The Cardiovascular Genetics Program provides genetic counseling, genetic testing and guidelines for follow-up care.

Cancer Genetics

The Spectrum Health Cancer Genetics Program is designed to help diagnose hereditary cancer conditions. We also offer personalized cancer risk assessments and personalized medical recommendations based on your personal and family cancer histories. We discuss with you genetic testing, early detection, risk reduction and prevention, and research opportunities.

Prenatal Genetic Services

Spectrum Health Genetic Services offers both preconception and prenatal counseling. We provide detailed information on a variety of pregnancy concerns such as ultrasound abnormalities, family history of inherited diseases, screening and testing options in pregnancy, and advanced maternal age.

Pediatric Genetics

Given the fact that you pass your genes on to your children, you may seek a prenatal genetic evaluation, particularly if a genetic disorder "runs in the family." Genetic counseling for the families of children with inherited disorders, birth defects and/or developmental delays is available through the Pediatric Genetics Program at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.