Advanced Technology Laboratories Research and Clinical Trials

The Advanced Technology Laboratories are involved in local, national and international testing for clinical trials as well as advanced research. We provide all of the testing for the United States and Canadian sites that are involved in an eight-year study with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. We are also involved in a study focused on finding new therapies for pediatric neuroblastoma, the second most common solid tumor in children with cancer. The Advanced Technology Laboratory developed a test for the ODC1 mutation and is the only lab in the country providing this test for neuroblastoma.   

Our scientists are always looking to the future. They have already begun looking at a much quicker and easier way of exploring and diagnosing tumors, including the development of additional targeted panels for specific types of cancer. We are also involved in a revolutionary development and use of cell-free DNA – testing blood for cancer rather than a tumor biopsy.