Advance Care Planning: Community Partners

Welcome to the Spectrum Health Advance Care Planning (ACP) page for community health professionals.

If you are employed outside of Spectrum Heath, we have developed educational videos, tip sheets, standard work documents and FAQs to support your efforts to help others complete Advance Care Planning information.

This information can be shared digitally with patients and their families, and others who are supporting them through this process.

We appreciate your help in documenting these goals and values so we can partner with you and them for health care decisions.

Videos, Documents and FAQs

  1. Demonstration of the Spectrum Health digital Advance Care Planning (ACP) tool

  2. How to create a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or Treatment Preferences form using the Digital Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tool

  3. How to execute an Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate order using the Digital Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tool

  4. How to void or remove an Advance Care Planning document in the Digital Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tool

Go to to request access to the tool. Your organization will need to appoint an Organization Administrator to manage the users at the organization. If your organization already has an Organization Administrator, request that they add you as a new user. If you don’t know who your Organization Administrator is, email the Spectrum Health Advance Care Planning Department at

All patients over the age of 18 should complete ACP, however, to begin, you may want to focus on certain high risk patient populations. 

No, there are 4 distinct roles within the tool. Your Organization Administrator will determine your role. All roles have the ability to void documents due to changes in patient's wishes. 

Signer - This role is for physicians only. As a signer, you have the ability to create, resume and complete medical orders and documents. 

Preparer - As a preparer, you have the ability to create and resume documents, however, you do not have the ability to complete the medical orders. The form will need to be passed to a user with Signing privileges to complete. 

Uploader – This role is for the Spectrum Health Health Information Management (HIM) team only. In other words, no Community Portal user should be given this access. As an uploader, they have the ability to upload paper scanned documents into the Spectrum Health ACP tool. If you have a paper ACP document you would like scanned into the Spectrum Health ACP tool, please fax it to 616.391. The HIM team will perform a quality check on the document and if it passes, the document will be uploaded into the tool and can be viewed as a PDF. 

Viewer - As a viewer, you have access to view current and historical documents. 

The Organization Administrator who manages the users at your organization can reset your password for you. 

Anyone who has log in access to the Spectrum Health ACP tool can view the information. This information is also available to any user through the use of Epic Care Everywhere. 

Individuals can log in at any time to view and share the information created in the Spectrum Health ACP tool. 

Individuals can log in at any time to create their ‘My Shared Circle.’ This will allow those in their Circle to view their Advance Care Planning information. 

Spectrum Health Advance Care Planning Department 
665 Seward Ave. NW 
Grand Rapids, MI 49504 
Ph 616.774.7615 

Go to to request access to the tool for individual use.