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Cardiac Rehabilitation

About Our Service

For patients who have undergone a major cardiovascular episode or treatment, Spectrum Health offers the area’s largest and most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program. Our care curriculum was created to help patients get back to a fuller and more normal life. Our facility was designed with heart patients in mind, providing an appropriate, uplifting and supportive environment for your rehab experience.

All Spectrum Health cardiac rehab staff are either certified exercise physiologists or registered nurses specializing in cardiac rehab, both ensuring you get the best care available. Components include exercise therapy, body fat testing, body compositional and functional capacity analysis, diabetes education and consultations to cover nutrition, stress management and medication.

Features of Cardiac Rehabilitation


Spectrum Health’s outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to get our heart patients exercising three days a week with our health care team. Exercises are tailored to each patient’s individual needs, and are supervised by cardiac and rehabilitation professionals.


For those diagnosed with heart disease, the importance of heart-healthy eating can’t be encouraged enough. Through our cardiac rehabilitation program, we offer access to a clinical dietitian who will evaluate your nutritional status and makes recommendations to improve or maintain health.

Preventive Cardiology

Traditional cardiovascular care focuses on patients who are recovering from significant, life-altering cardiovascular events. What if you want to avoid the prospect of open heart surgery, cardiac procedures, illness, pain, or disability? You have a choice. The comprehensive services at Spectrum Health Medical Group’s Preventive Cardiology Program are tailored to your health goals and needs.

Cardiovascular Transitions Program

The Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center and Spectrum Health Rehabilitation have partnered to provide a cardiac specialty program for patients suffering from congestive heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and other heart and vascular conditions.