Sprained Hand or Wrist

Even a minor hand or wrist sprain or strain can disrupt work and life. Not to mention, it hurts, so rest and ice are both a great start. What you can't detect is damage that could linger forever if not found and fixed. Our orthopedic team would love to make sure you heal properly for the long haul.

A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament which is the fibrous band that connects bone to joint. A strain means a stretched or torn muscle or tendon. If pain and swelling don't go away within a couple days of ice and rest, it can be a sign of damage that should be checked. Left untreated, sprains can leave permanent restriction or pain.

Treatments For Hand or Wrist Sprain

The human hand has 27 bones, the foot 26 and the ankle three. We can treat them all, whether you need just the basics or serious surgery. If you do require surgery, which is possible if significant tearing of tendons and ligaments has occurred, there's no place better. 

We are leaders in arthroscopic technology, which is a minimally invasive surgery option. This means more expertise, less recovery time and better results for you. You and your care team work together to develop your treatment plan.