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Surgery for Children

About Our Service

When you want the best outcome, you go to the experts. We know this is even more the case when it comes to any kind of surgery for your child. That’s why we have a multidisciplinary group of experts who are specialized in and passionate about meeting your child's needs. 

All our general and subspecialty pediatric surgeons work with a highly skilled team of operating room nurses, anesthesiologists, pediatric intensivists and many other respected pediatric specialists to provide high-quality care before, during and after your child’s surgery.

Your child’s surgery may be done at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Blodgett Hospital or one of our surgical centers, depending on the type of surgery being performed. To prepare for your child’s surgery, we encourage you to watch our online pre-surgery tour or take a free physical tour to help prepare your child. Also use our age-appropriate guidelines to share information and feelings with your child; this can help put him or her—and you—at ease. 

Features of Surgery for Children

Blood Management

Whether your child has a condition that requires careful monitoring of blood loss, or your family's religious beliefs include not accepting transfusions, our advanced blood management programming provides new, safe solutions for your child.

Child Life

Child life specialists have special training in child development and the effects being in the hospital may have on children. They help make the hospital less scary and reduce anxiety.

General Surgery for Children

Our team of pediatric surgeons at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of elective and urgent surgical problems in patients from birth to young adulthood. This specialization, from stress to anesthesia, makes all the difference in success rates for your child's surgery.

Specialized Surgery for Children

We have surgeons who specialize in all areas of the body, from major organs like the heart, brain and kidneys to vital areas such as eyes, ears, skull, spine and more.