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Neurofibromatosis in Children

About Your Child's Care and Condition

If your child has multiple light brown birthmarks on his or her skin, this may be a sign of a condition called neurofibromatosis. Our team of specialists provide comprehensive care for children with this condition, including doctors, geneticists, psychologists and others. From diagnosis to medical care and even working with schools for any learning disabilities, our clinic has experts for both children and adults. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic mutation that can be an inherited condition, so we can see a family together, making complete care even easier for you and your child.

Neurofibromatosis is defined by tumors, called neurofibromas, that grow along nerves in the body or on or under the skin. Some children live almost unaffected by it, while others can be disabled by the condition. When the tumors grow, they can press on vital areas of the body, causing problems in the way the body functions. Although usually benign (non-cancerous), about three to five percent can become cancerous.

With more research being done every day, and support groups for children with neurofibromatosis, there's more hope every day and the expert care you need right here.