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Pediatric Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

Our pediatric plastic surgery and dermatology team serves infants, children and teens. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, who have special expertise in craniofacial procedures, treat growing bodies that need repairs or reconstruction for a wide variety of reasons. A board certified pediatric dermatologist focuses on minor-to-complex skin conditions in kids of all ages. Through expertise and teamwork, we improve outcomes—both physical and psychological—for children and teens with facial and body differences. We are proud of our outstanding results, and we expect to achieve nothing less for your patients.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

We have set the standard in pediatric plastic surgery. We use innovative approaches as well as the latest technology to evaluate and treat all types of conditions — from the minor to the complex, and the commonplace to the rare. Plastic surgery can impact not only a person’s appearance but his or her ability to function, and our specialists strive to improve both for every patient.

Pediatric Dermatology

A newer addition to our program, our pediatric dermatology services are deeply focused on caring for children who struggle with skin disorders of all kinds. We also provide dermatology expertise in vascular malformations, pediatric skin cancers and neurocutaneous disorders through clinics designed to provide coordinated, comprehensive and kid-friendly care.

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