Spina Bifida in Children

Spina bifida leaves part of the spinal cord unprotected and causes damage to that portion of the cord and nerves. Our doctors are experts in performing new, less invasive procedures to treat this condition. Together, we can give your son or daughter an active, independent life.

Spina bifida literally means "split spine." The most common form, myelomeningocele, is also the most serious. In this type, part of the spinal cord and nerves are exposed through the back, which causes damage, even partial paralysis.

Treatments for Spina Bifida in Children

If your baby is diagnosed with spina bifida and it creates a protrusion out of the back, it will need to be treated quickly and expertly. Our talented pediatric neurosurgeons and other pediatric specialists are prepared to treat your child's spina bifida with greater success.

Surgery for Myelomeningocele
Babies with myelomeningocele need surgery in the first day or two after birth to protect the exposed area and central nervous system.

One treatment for hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid around the brain, is through a surgery to place a thin tube within the brain. This tube drains extra fluid down to the belly where the fluid can be absorbed.

Bladder and Bowel Care
Our pediatric urology and nephrology teams provide specialized care for your child’s bladder and bowel needs.