Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

When your child has a serious blood disease or cancer, nothing matters more than finding the best chance to cure it. Our pediatric hematology and oncology program is nationally recognized for excellence, and is one of the largest children's cancer treatment programs in the Midwest. Our team of leading practitioners is dedicated to giving your child and family more hope through state-of-the-art care, including access to bone marrow transplants and the most promising new therapies through phase I, II, and III clinical trials. In fact, we're one of the few children's hospitals across the country able to offer advanced forms of "personalized" or "precision" medicine. We do this through our pediatric oncology research program and the Haworth Family Innovative Therapies Clinic

For children with bleeding disorders, our federally recognized comprehensive hemophilia treatment center and multidisciplinary clinics, designed specifically for children and young adults with these conditions, are here to help. Your child and family are the primary focus in each step we take, from diagnostic testing and new treatment to outstanding specialists, access to clinical trials and much more. And when your child is ready, we have a unique, long-term follow-up clinic for childhood cancer survivors.