Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

Our molecular diagnostics laboratory performs nucleic acid based testing spanning major areas of molecular solid tumor and hematologic oncology, genetics and infectious disease. Building on our 20 years of clinical experience, the molecular diagnostic lab actively implements the latest technologies and cutting edge tests to continuously improve quality of service and to support the newly emerging clinical needs of our health care providers. We perform over 30,000 tests annually and services include:
• Hologic Panther system for HPV high risk screen and genotyping test, as well as Chlamydia, GC and Trichomonas testing
• Transplant virology quantitative PCR testing menu to support the rapid growth of the Spectrum Health Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Program
• Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based cancer mutation testing
• Clinically focused tumor site specific testing development in response to the most current updates to NCCN guidelines
Equipped with cutting edge technology and skilled personnel, the molecular diagnostic laboratory also conducts translational research and clinical trial activities, many of which lead to new opportunities to improve patient care.