Contactless check in.

Make your check in experience simple and quick.

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Corewell Health offers eCheck-In for all Corewell Health appointments as well as a fully contactless check-in experience for appointments at select locations. These options are designed to save you time and simplify your experience.

How to check in online
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Save time and prepare for your visit by using eCheck-In before your Corewell Health appointment. You can complete the process from anywhere using your computer or mobile phone.

When can I use eCheck-In?

eCheck-In is required before all video visits. You also may use it to check in for an in-person appointment.

Check in online 48 hours to just a few minutes before your appointment.

Follow these steps to use eCheck-In for your virtual or in-person visit

  1. Log in to MyChart using your computer or the Corewell Health app on your phone.
  2. Select “Visits” from the main menu.
  3. Select “eCheck-In.”
  4. Follow instructions on your screen to verify or update your information.

What’s included in eCheck-In

During eCheck-In you’ll:

  • Review your personal information, including medication history and allergies. Update all fields marked with an asterisk (*) and click “Save Changes.”
  • Confirm or update your insurance information. Click “Add a Coverage” if you need to enter new insurance information. You can enter your insurance plan and number or upload a picture of your insurance card.
  • Complete our COVID-19 screening, including listing any recent travel and/or symptoms. Complete a short questionnaire.
  • Sign the Consent for Treatment form. You’re required to sign this form once per year.

eCopay option

You can choose to make a copay online during eCheck-In. Simply follow the instructions to authorize your copay amount. Your payment won’t be processed until you begin your video visit or arrive at the office for your in-person appointment.

Contactless check-in
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Skip the registration desk. Skip the line.

Select Corewell Health locations offer fast, simple, and safe digital check-in with just a few taps.

How to use contactless check-in

1. Download the MyChart app. Make sure you have "Appointment Arrival" and "Notifications" turned on within your MyChart settings and turn on location services for the app within your phone settings.

2. Check in. Online check-in will become available 48 hours prior to your appointment. Log in to your Corewell Health MyChart account and select "eCheck-In” next to your appointment. Complete this before your arrival and you’ll be all set for step three.

3. Let us know you're arrived. When you arrive at your appointment location, you'll receive a notification asking you to confirm you’ve arrived. If you do not receive a notification, you can open the app and let us know you're here by selecting "I'm here" next to your appointment. This will prompt a green checkmark that you will show the greeter when you enter the building.

That's it. Head to the waiting room, take a seat, and we'll call your name. We’re so glad you used our contactless digital check-in experience.

Need More Help?

If you need help using Corewell Health MyChart account or the Corewell Health App, contact our tech support.