Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Family Partner Program

The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Family Partner Program gives Spectrum Health’s youngest patients and their families a voice in how we deliver care.


The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital PFPP works to:

  • Ensure positive, nurturing care for every child and family
  • Make care experiences as comfortable and worry-free as possible


The program has:

Developed a photo guide to help parents identify care providers and their roles

Established “No Interruption Zones” in intensive care units so caregivers can conduct care without intrusions

  • Helped develop key questions for parents to use when communicating with physicians about parental presence during their child’s elective surgery
  • Helped improve communication with the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) care team and parents during the “Golden Hour” — the time from delivery to being placed in the NICU
  • Provided feedback on
    • Ways to help parents understand the training and processes that go in to being one of the safest children’s hospitals
    • Wording for the whiteboard pain-level chart in patient rooms
    • The direct admit process to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
    • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital’s design and some of the services and amenities provided
  • Provided insight on the importance of including the family in bedside dialogue, making sure all questions are answered and encouraging communication
  • Provided patient and family perspective on the specialty outpatient facilities, welcome center and self-registration process
  • Reviewed safety and security measures
  • Shared parent and family perspectives with student nurses and pediatric resident physicians
  • Served as "mystery shoppers" to observe the effectiveness of teamwork at various sites throughout Spectrum Health
Members of the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Family Partner Program

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