Cardiovascular Health Patient and Family Partner Program

The Cardiovascular Health Patient and Family Partner Program was established in 2007 to help continually improve heart and vascular care at Spectrum Health.


The Cardiovascular Health PFPP focuses on providing input on new programs at Spectrum Health Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center. 

We work together to help Spectrum Health deliver excellent cardiovascular that includes emotional and spiritual healing, and compassionate communication and teamwork.


The program has:

  • Helped make medication form instructions clearer and easier to understand
  • Helped with process improvement to decrease the total time of the heart catheterization process following a heart attack
  • Provided feedback and guidance on
    • Action plans for patient experience goals, including improving wayfinding and patient support
    • Advertising and media campaigns to ensure information was meaningful and understandable
    • Centralized phone scheduling system
    • Facility renovations, expansions, design and furnishings
    • Hand-washing compliance initiatives
    • Heart failure education program
    • Patient and family education in the hospital
  • Shared their patient experience with doctors and leadership
  • Served as "mystery shoppers" to observe the effectiveness of teamwork at various sites throughout Spectrum Health
Cardiovascular Health council

Members of the Cardiovascular health Patient and Family Partner Program

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