Move freely

When injuries strike, our rehabilitation therapists in Ludington get you moving again.

Healthcare provider assisting man with movement

At Spectrum Health Outpatient Rehabilitation we put you at the center of our team approach to care. From balance and vestibular to Parkinson's BIG and LOUD to cancer therapy our team of rehabilitation therapists work together to ensure that each patient has a unique plan to return them to the things they love. Let's get moving.

We treat athletes, busy moms and dads, grandparents, and children. Our dedicated physical, occupational and speech language specialists have your best interests in mind and will work with you to develop a plan, specific to your needs.

Healthcare provider helping woman stretch leg.

Back on track

Intense rehab helps high school sprinter Allie Delost overcome a severe hamstring injury—just in time for an impressive showing at state finals.

Move better

No matter how you move, the rehabilitation therapists at Spectrum Health can help you move better. We know how much you want to get back to the things you love. Our rehabilitation team can help. Let's get moving.

Healthcare provider helping man walk.

At Spectrum Health, our rehabilitation therapists work with you to deliver one-on-one, focused care.

Allie's story

After a hamstring injury, high school sprinter Allie Delost not only ran again, but she broke school records, thanks to Spectrum Health Rehabilitation getting her back on track.

Randy's story

When a shoulder injury kept Randy Boerema from being as active as he'd like, rehab got him back to being a dad on the move.

Our specialties

  • Adult neuro rehab 
  • Balance disorders and vestibular therapy 
  • Cancer rehabilitation 
  • Lymphedema therapy 
  • McKenzie therapy 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Orthopedic and spine rehabilitation 
  • Outpatient rehabilitation 
  • Pediatric occupational therapy
  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Pediatric speech and language pathology
  • Physical therapy
  • Post-concussion therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Sports medicine
  • Upper extremity and hand therapy
  • Work-related injury care

Our location

When injuries strike, our rehabilitation therapists in Ludington get you moving again.