Prevention classes

Boost your brain and memory

Learn evidence-based practices that can reduce the risk of dementia and maintain cognitive health. Additionally, participants will learn a set of practical strategies that can help to improve everyday memory. Class is held at Georgetown Connections in Jenison.

Fee: $25

Virtual mental health first aid - Adult and youth (offered separately)

For members of the general public who want skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The “core” pieces of adult and youth mental health first aid are the same.

  • In the youth class, examples are youth-related and there is more focus on mental health issues related to youth. The class is appropriate for school staff, teachers, administrators, students, counselors, church youth workers, social workers, health care professionals, college staff, family members, etc. 
  • In the adult class, examples are adult-related and there is more focus on adult mental health issues. The adult class is appropriate for health care professionals, nursing students, college staff, family members, lay people, social service agency workers, social workers, counselors, clergy, church staff, businesses, human resource professionals, etc.

Fee: $25

Participants should register at least 10 days in advance to receive workbook in time for class.

Virtual question, persuade, and refer (QPR)

This class is for anyone looking to understand suicide, decrease stigma around suicide, and provide appropriate help and support for persons who may be experiencing suicidal ideation. QPR Learning objectives: Increase knowledge of suicide, learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, learn how to question a person about suicide, how to persuade someone to get help, and how to refer someone to the appropriate resource.

Fee: Free

Virtual quit 101 cessation

Virtual quit 101 cessation classes are free, four week sessions. Classes are led by a certified tobacco treatment specialist and former smoker.

Fee: Free