Nutrition classes

Fit and healthy families

This series is taught by a registered dietitian and covers a variety of nutrition topics in a hands-on-interactive way. In the summer and fall, join us exploring trails, doing scavenger hunts and trying new foods and new, fun activities! In the winter, join us in the kitchen for food and fun. Year-round, join us online at a time that works for you! 

For elementary-age kids and their families. Grandparents are welcome to bring their grandchildren.

Think smart, eat smart

During this 9-week series, our registered dietitian will help you overcome sabotaging thoughts and focus on learning how to eat MINDfully and healthfully. The class will help identify the reasons you eat and develop a plan to overcome those habits without relying on willpower alone. Focus is on the non-diet approach to eating. You will be provided with many tips and resources to use at home to help you in your journey towards change.