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Cancer Care Center

If you or a loved one faces cancer, find treatment and support close to home. Meet with your care team, get chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and access services that help you cope—all in the same visit, in one location.

Orthopedic Services

Stay active with complete care for your bones, joints and muscles. Look to Gerber Memorial for friendly, patient-centered orthopedic care, including sports medicine services and joint replacement surgery.

Working Together for You

Rely on the team at Gerber Memorial to work with experts across Spectrum Health to connect you with the care you need. 

Complete Breast Care

Get regular mammograms from a Spectrum Health imaging location, such as Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial – Betty Ford Breast Care. If results show something unusual, we’ll help you make a follow-up appointment to learn more.


More Spectrum Health Care Nearby

Use our doctor and location directory to find additional places to receive care from Spectrum Health in and around Newaygo County.
A specialist may order a biopsy and send the tissue sample to a Spectrum Health pathologist, who will examine it at our hospital lab. The results will show whether you have cancer.
Get cancer treatment close to home at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Cancer Center. The facility is part of Spectrum Health Cancer Center, our network of hospitals, Spectrum Health Medical Group and community providers. If you need to travel outside Fremont for treatment, rest assured that your local and regional providers will keep in touch about your care. 
You won’t have to travel far for help rebuilding strength, managing pain and improving your energy. Find cancer rehabilitation services at two locations in Newaygo County—Tamarac, The Center for Health and Well-Being and Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial – Outpatient Rehabilitation at 211 W. Pine Lake Drive.