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If your child is struggling with a neurological condition, so many things can seem impossible. Finding the right treatment. Living without pain. Hitting developmental milestones.

At Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, we specialize in the impossible. We eliminate children's seizures. Perform life-changing surgery. Manage complex movement disorders. At our robust neurosciences program — ranked one of the best in the nation by U.S. News and World Report — our mission is to help you and your child overcome the challenges that seem impossible.

Impossible happens here

Claire, from impossible to moving freely.

Born at 24 weeks, Claire had a 1% chance of surviving, let alone walking. For the past four years, she’s received treatments at the Cerebral Palsy Clinic that have allowed her to master walking and running —​defying the odds stacked against her since birth.

Photo of Claire, 6
Photo of Jesse, 21

Jesse, from impossible to finding his strength.

Jesse was diagnosed with general dystonia, a condition that has affected his muscles since infancy.​ Recently, Jesse underwent deep brain stimulation surgery that impacted his spasticity, allowing him to​ grow stronger every day.

Lily, from impossible to two years seizure-free.

Lily was diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy at age 4 and, in 2019, underwent surgery to remove a portion of her brain causing the seizures. Since then, Lily has lived seizure-free.

Photo of Lily, 10

Program highlights

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  • We offer one of the world’s most advanced diagnostic capabilities (magnetoencephalography) that locates the source of a seizure down to the millimeter. This technology allows us to identify areas of the brain to avoid during surgery. We are the only dedicated children’s hospital in Michigan to offer this technology for pediatric patients. ​​
  • Using our mobile epilepsy monitoring unit, we monitor children for seizures, while allowing them to play and move around freely. We were the first in the state to offer this technology.​​
  • We are the only hospital in West Michigan to be designated a level IV Epilepsy Center for pediatrics by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. This means we have the highest level of expertise to diagnose and treat the most complex patients with epilepsy.
Movement disorders
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A program built by one of the few fellowship-trained pediatric movement disorder specialists in the country. ​ Use advanced treatments and innovations like selective dorsal rhizotomies and deep brain stimulation that can change the trajectory of a condition.​​ Offer multi-specialty clinics for many conditions, including our Cerebral Palsy Clinic in partnership with Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. These clinics combine highly specialized experts who offer comprehensive treatment in one place or one visit. Our neurological subspecialists collaborate with pediatric geneticists, neuro-intensivists, biochemical genetics, neuroradiology specialists and rehab specialists.

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  • Nationally ranked for pediatric neurosurgery by U.S. News & World Report.​​
  • One of the few children’s hospitals in the country with a formal fellowship and functional trained pediatric neurosurgeon.​​
  • Focus on novel and minimally invasive approaches to surgeries including robotic surgery, directional brain neuromodulation, laser ablations, and responsive neurostimulation (Neuropace).

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