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Art of Giving Award

Meet Our 2016 Art of Giving Award Recipient: Marge Potter

Marge Potter understands the intersection of economic development, government, education and innovation, and exemplifies how individual initiative ensures implementation and lifetime results. She achieved meaningful success in her public life, in her community, business and government for which she received statewide and regional recognition.

Marge cherishes her work with Spectrum Health and Spectrum Health Foundation. She says, “The health of a community is many things, and in the case of Spectrum Health, we provide for the physical health as well as the economic well-being of our community. The ripple effect builds to dramatic effect for all of West Michigan.”

Marge is also known for the value she adds to all of her personal interactions and is described as trustworthy, inspirational, determined and fun loving. Her husband Paul knew the moment he met Marge that she was different and he wanted to know more. They are partners in every sense of the word and their mutual respect and love for one another is evident every day.

The 2016 Celebration of Philanthropy Art of Giving Award recognizes all of Marge Potter’s contributions and we note especially Marge’s service to Spectrum Health and our foundation. She is passionate about the Frederik Meijer Heart & Vascular Institute, and she provides support for patient care and research through her philanthropy and unique, meaningful actions. Marge describes her commitment and tenacity this way, “My roots go deep in West Michigan. As a member of the Spectrum Health Foundation Board, I want to ensure that Spectrum Health always continues to provide exceptional care for others just as it has provided care for my family and our community.” While her career took her throughout the state, she calls West Michigan home and for this, we are so grateful.