A Commitment to Improving Health 

Improving the lives of others by improving their health is a noble investment. When you make a gift of your time or money to Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial, the return you receive is visible in the happy, healthy faces of our community.

Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial has been an integral part of the Newaygo County community for more than 90 years. It is a major resource for those who need emergency medical treatments, scheduled surgeries, diagnostic procedures or labor and delivery services. It is also a comfort for those recuperating in their homes.

In order to keep our patients, family, friends and neighbors healthy, we must continue to provide robust services, programs, equipment and facilities that our area needs and deserves. Patient and insurance payments do not cover the total costs of equipment and services we provide to diagnose and treat illnesses. Financial support from our community is necessary to help make up the difference.

All donations, large and small, come together in partnership with our dedicated medical staff to save lives and provide treatments and procedures that are critical to the well-being of our patients.