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Funding Priorities

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There are many ways to make a gift to Spectrum Health Foundation, with over 120 programs to support below are the foundations funding priorities for the year.  Help these programs continue to grow.

  • CenteringPregnancy In-News


    The CenteringPregnancy® program—our Gala 2017 fundraising beneficiary can improve maternal and infant mortality rates, and save the lives of mothers and babies by addressing premature birth rates here and now.

  • Grateful Hearts News

    Grateful Hearts

    This exceptional and compassionate care requires teamwork— doctors, nurses, clinicians, nutritionists, researchers, therapists and of course, you!

  • Annual Case - News

    Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

    Kids are unique and special.  At Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, we know children are not small adults.  They have different physical, developmental and emotional needs requiring the care of specialists trained in pediatrics.

  • CL Teacher Interior News

    Helen DeVos Children's Hospital School Program

    School is an important part of every child’s life, which becomes disrupted when a child is hospitalized. To bring a sense of normalcy of childhood during their hospital stay it is important that we can provide them with a connection back to their school, teachers, friends and classmates.