Direct messaging frequently asked questions

Does Spectrum Health accept via a direct message?
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We can receive a summary of care record. This can be for each transition of care/referral to Spectrum Health. Please note that the details of the transition or referral itself should still follow current procedures.

What does Spectrum Health do with my direct message?
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Spectrum Health will receive these messages into their Electronic Medical Record system. We recommend that you continue your current method of communication with your Spectrum Health contact(s) as well. If you want to move completely to a Direct Message and away from your current method of contact, we suggest you contact the office you are communicating with to validate they can accept only direct messages based on their office workflow.

How do I send Spectrum Health Medical Group ambulatory and specialty offices or a Spectrum Health Epic Affiliate Provider a direct message?
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We have made our ambulatory direct addresses available through Surescripts for those providers who have chosen Surescripts as their health information service provider (HISP), or have Epic as their EMR. These sources are updated automatically on a weekly basis.

For providers who do not have Surescripts or Epic, Spectrum Health’s ambulatory direct addresses are available online. These addresses are also updated on a weekly basis. Providers will be able to download the file for use in their EMRs. Providers downloading these files will need to return to this location for updates.

Please continue to send messages through your current communication channels as well.

What should I do if I think my messages are not being received by Spectrum Health or a Spectrum Health Epic Affiliate Provider?
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Please confirm with the recipient of the message you are sending to that they have not received your message. Once you confirm, work with your electronic medical record vendor and/or HISP organization you have contracted with. They can validate messages are being sent out correctly. Once you have confirmation they are being sent out, contact the recipient to let them know there is an issue with them receiving a direct message from your organization. Be sure to provide the sending and receiving direct address as well as a date/time the message was sent.

Epic Ambulatory Providers

Spectrum Health Hospital Direct Addresses