Thyroid and parathyroid surgery

Spectrum Health Medical Group General Surgery offers comprehensive, patient-centered care to patients with thyroid disorders and hyperparathyroidism. Our board-certified surgeons work with you to find solutions leading to optimal outcomes and improved quality of life. We often work closely with our endocrinology colleagues to treat these conditions using a multidisciplinary approach.


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Conditions Treated

  • Thyroid nodules, both symptomatic and incidentally found
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Thyroid goiters, including substernal goiters
  • Surgical management of Graves’ disease
  • Hyperparathyroidism
  • Thyroid and parathyroid disorders associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia


When surgery is required, we offer expertise in a variety of procedures, including:

  • Ultrasound-guided Fine-needle Aspiration Biopsy
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Thyroid Lobectomy
  • Subtotal/Total Thyroidectomy
  • Lymph Node Dissection

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