Spectrum Health Surgical Optimization Center

The Spectrum Health Surgical Optimization Center helps to prepare your patients and their surgical care team before surgery. The goal of “optimizing” the health of patients prior to surgery is to minimize the risk of postoperative complications, decrease length of stay in the hospital, reduce unplanned readmissions and enhance overall health and the surgical experience. By optimizing health prior to surgery this may also prevent delays or cancellation of surgery. It is also provides a surgical care plan for the patient, surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical team, and primary care provider. Optimization also includes patient education to help answer questions and reduce anxiety about upcoming procedures.

We can accommodate same-day visits for urgent referrals.


  • Phone: 616.267.9823 (Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital), 616.774.0276 (Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital). If you are unsure whether or not a patient qualifies to be seen, call us for a chart review.
  • Fax a referral form: 616.267.8414 (Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital), 616.774.5204 (Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital)
  • Epic: Enter referral code REF943 Surgical Optimization Center. In the notes section include:
    - Date of surgery
    - Referring surgeon’s name
    - Surgical procedure
    - Type of anesthesia
    - Spectrum Health location of surgery
    - Required orders: Lab orders, EKG, other testing
    - Other pertinent patient information

Services Offered

  • Laboratory services
  • EKG
  • MRSA testing
  • Medication reconciliation and management
  • Patient education
  • Care management

Other Information

Patients meeting any of the following criteria should be considered for an appointment prior to their elective surgery at Spectrum Health. Patients with an American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) class of 2+, 3 or 4 are considered a candidate for optimization.

Patient testing is done per anesthesia guidelines for Spectrum Health. We will arrange testing and/or consultations if necessary. The completed comprehensive evaluation and testing will be sent to the surgeon and the primary care physician prior to the surgery. Any concerns prior to the patient’s surgery will be communicated directly with the surgeon and/or their office. 

ASA Classifications
These classifications are a subjective assessment of a patient's overall health that is based on five classes:

  • Class 1: Patient is a completely healthy fit patient.
  • Class 2: Patient has mild systemic disease (may be appropriate to be seen for optimization)
  • Class 3: Patient has severe systemic disease that is not incapacitating (appropriate for optimization)
  • Class 4: Patient has incapacitating disease that is a constant threat to life (appropriate for optimization)
  • Class 5: A moribund patient who is not expected to live 24 hours with or without surgery


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