Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) and heart transplant referrals

Spectrum Health is the only health system in West Michigan to perform heart transplants and VAD implantations. Since 2010, the surgical team within the Richard DeVos Heart Transplant Program has performed more than 180 transplants and over 470 VADs. Our transplant program means access to a program with top survival outcomes, innovative research, personal transplant team and rapid clinical evaluations. To make a referral to our program, please use the contact information below.


Referral Guidelines

When a patient has developed one or more NYHA stage D criteria:

  • Persistent significant symptoms
  • Unable to walk on a level surface without stopping
  • Recurrent emergency department or unscheduled clinic visits for heart failure (>2 in the past year)
  • Unable to tolerate or need to be removed from HF therapy (ACEI, ARB, beta blocker)
  • Renal insufficiency or hyponatremia
  • Need for intermittent or continuous inotropes 
  • Recurrent hospitalization for heart failure (>2 in past year) 
  • Abnormal hemodynamics (low cardiac output, elevated pulmonary pressures or persistent volume overload) 
  • Need for high diuretic doses (80 mg or greater of furosemide or equivalent) 
  • Unexplained weight loss (cardiac cachexia)

Outpatient Transfers

Inpatient Transfers

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