Advanced heart failure program

The Spectrum Health Advanced Heart Failure Program works closely with referring physicians to provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment and monitoring of patients who live with chronic heart failure. The goal is a seamless process that returns patients as quickly as possible to their community, local hospital and primary physicians. The program offers a comprehensive continuum of services for both inpatient and outpatient needs, including: 

    • Board certified advanced heart failure specialists
    • Cardiogenic shock team
    • Telehealth home monitoring
    • Care coordination
    • Subacute rehabilitation
    • 24-hour phone access to a nurse practitioner
    • Inpatient consultation to assist in discharge plan of care
    • Outpatient IV infusions
    • Clinical research trials

    Referrals & Consultations

    • Epic: REF12
    • Phone: 616.885.5000
    • Fax: 616.885.5411
    • Great Lakes Health Connect or EpicCare Link


    Advanced heart failure services relies on a multidisciplinary approach for complex cases through the collaboration of the following programs: 

      • Advanced heart failure inpatient rounding service
      • Advanced heart failure and transplant outpatient clinic
      • Complex cardiovascular surgery consultation
      • Cardiogenic shock management
      • Mechanical circulatory support
      • Richard DeVos Heart and Lung Transplant Program

      When To Refer

      • Inability to walk one city block (less than 500 feet) without shortness of breath
      • One or more heart failure related admissions in the past six months
      • Furosemide dose >1.5 mg/kg/day (or equivalent)
      • Serum sodium <136 mmol/L
      • BUN >40 mg/dL or creatinine > 1.8 mg/dL
      • Intolerant or refractory to ACE inhibitors, angiotensin-receptor blockers or beta blockers
      • Hematocrit <35 percent
      • QRS >140 msec without, or refractory to, cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT non-responders)


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