Melanoma multispecialty clinic

Melanoma diagnosis and staging can be complex and is critical to determining the most appropriate combination of treatments. At our multispecialty clinic, the team meets in a tumor board (Melanoma Multispecialty Conference) to develop a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan. As the referring physician, you are invited to attend your patient’s multispecialty team conference or any of our disease site-specific tumor boards. Our team approach delivers cutting-edge care while minimizing the need for multiple visits or travel. Patients no longer need to leave our community to get the very best in cancer care. We are committed to offering the latest in treatments and care for melanoma, including innovative chemotherapy, immunotherapy and clinical trials.



The initial appointment includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation by the specialists, including the surgeon, the medical oncologist and the dermatologist, on the same day 
  • A full multispecialty team conference to discuss each individual and develop a comprehensive recommendation for the plan of care and treatment
  • Presentation and discussion of the treatment plan to the patient and family immediately following the multispecialty team meeting 
  • Written treatment plan given to patients before they leave the appointment

One-Day Treatment Plan

Patients are seen and evaluated by a team of melanoma specialists during a single visit. The pathology and radiology images are reviewed and treatment options are discussed with a full panel of experts. At the end of the visit, the patient receives a personalized plan for any additional testing or recommended treatment. The anxiety and uncertainty patients and families face while waiting days or weeks between individual physician appointments is eliminated, and treatment can begin sooner.

Referral Criteria

Positive biopsy-confirmed pathology for:

  • Melanoma 
  • Merkel cell carcinoma
  • Complicated/advanced squamous or basal cell carcinoma 
  • Ocular melanoma

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