Onboarding Compliance

About Onboarding Compliance

As an organization that puts our patients, members and their families first, Spectrum Health requires all team members, contractors and volunteers meet specific regulatory/compliance requirements. The onboarding compliance videos will provide these details preparing you for your first day at Spectrum Health. The onboarding compliance modules should take approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete both.

What to Expect

Make sure you have time to fully complete the modules. Part one is a self-paced module with limited videos. The part two module contains several videos and does not have the option to stop and save your spot to complete later. If you refresh the webpage, it will restart the entire module.

At the end of the second module, you will be prompted to electronically sign an attestation form. You must have your Spectrum Health employee ID number readily available to sign. If you do not have your employee number, please reach out to your recruiter or direct leader for that number before you begin.

How to Complete Onboarding Compliance

  1. Click the Button titled Onboarding Compliance Part 1 and complete the module.
  2. Click the Button titled Onboarding Compliance Part 2 to access the eLearning.
  3. After completing the Onboarding Compliance Part 2 module read and electronically sign the attestation form to include your first name, last name and Spectrum Health employee ID number - using your full legal name only!

Thank you for completing Spectrum Health Onboarding Compliance!