Two people walking outside.


Two people walking outside.



We are here for every step.

Hip or knee replacement surgery is a big step to take. One we don't take lightly. Before you make any decision, the first step is to find a care team you can trust and that makes you feel like a priority. We're here for that step, and every other step on your journey—from consultation to full recovery. 

Learn about your options by talking to our care team.

Explore your journey with total joint replacement

Listen and Learn
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Better options for you

Part of what makes our hip or knee replacement experience different is that we listen as a team of surgical and non-surgical providers. Is surgery right for you? Should we explore a non-surgical route? We're here to guide you to the decision that's right for you. If surgery is the path for you, we'll ensure you feel ready and safe for surgery in our Surgical Specialization Clinic.

Replacement time
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Choosing the right procedure for you

Our fellowship trained doctors will perform the surgery in the optimal way for faster healing times. For knee replacements, they will be assisted by our world-class Mako Robot. Same-day home recovery will be available to those who qualify. For those who do, your Nurse Navigator is your point person throughout every step of your knee or hip placement experience. He or she will watch over you, make sure you're recovering well, and will be available any time - day or night.

Let the healing begin
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Recovering quickly

You've got a new knee or hip and now you're ready to start healing. Whether you're here at the hospital recovering or at home, we'll ensure you're healing up as quickly as possible.

Ready for a new you
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We are there for your every step

This is the step everyone wants to get to as fast as possible. We'll be with you for that step, and every step thereafter.

What they are saying...

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The whole idea is to live your best life by experiencing what our world offers, in people and places. I want to go, explore and take advantage of this sweet life with strong knees.

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I started to use the cane for a few days, then I was pretty much walking.”

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Oh my gosh—I can walk, I no longer have a limp. I can climb a ladder stand pain-free.