Employee Screening and Testing

As businesses continue to re-open, Spectrum Health is ready to support you in keeping your employees safe and healthy. Spectrum Health is offering employers three high-quality COVID-19 testing options throughout the Grand Rapids Area: Asymptomatic Testing, Symptomatic Testing and Serology (Antibody) Testing. In addition, we have a new Spectrum Health training video that assists in educating your employees in minimizing their risk of COVID-19.

For Asymptomatic Testing:

  • A NARES Swab Collection is the best test for asymptomatic individuals, which can be performed on all employees, randomly, or as needed to keep employees healthy and at work. It is the least invasive approach and is 99.5% accurate. Results will be provided within 24 hours.
  • To schedule, click on this link and complete the Employer Intake Form. For your convenience, a member of our Spectrum Health Employer Hotline will reach out to you directly to facilitate on-site or near-site testing.

For Symptomatic Testing:
  • Nasopharyngeal Collection is the recommended test for symptomatic employees. While it is more invasive it is reimbursable by a majority of health insurances. Results will be provided within 24 hours.
  • Same-day testing may be scheduled through the Employer Hotline at 616.486.1075. Testing will be provided at Spectrum Health, 1300 Michigan Street, Grand Rapids.

For Serology (Antibody) Testing:
  • Serology Testing is a blood draw which measures antibody production against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It can indicate previous infection with COVID-19. It is unknown if the presence of antibodies indicates immunity or protection against future infection.
  • To schedule, click on this link and complete the Employer Intake Form. For your convenience, a member of our Spectrum Health Employer Hotline will reach out to you directly to facilitate on-site or near-site testing.

COVID Employer Hotline (Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

Adapting to a New Environment LinkedIn Event

Listen to our health experts share how to help minimize risk and increase safety in the workplace. Topics include the latest on COVID-19, Spectrum Health antibody testing, when and how to get tested, and more.

Symptom Checker

Spectrum Health has developed the Symptom Checker, a free mobile site designed to help employees of essential businesses routinely check for symptoms before they come to work. Since it’s free, it’s also an easily shared resource. It can be provided ahead of an appointment with anyone who comes in to your business, whether it’s a vendor, a contractor or even a customer.

  • To access the symptom checker: https://covid19symptomchecker.spectrumhealth.org
  • This site is optimal on a mobile device
  • More information and instructions on how to implement:

    The Symptom Checker houses a few quick questions that monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, using current guidelines from the CDC. Once the questions are completed, an employee will either receive a green good-to-go checkmark or be directed to seek further medical advice should their results require it. 

    This is the same tool our own health care workers use before showing up for a shift. To most effectively implement it, Spectrum Health requires proof of a green checkmark before any employee can come in to work. This helps us monitor the health and safety of over 30,000 employees simply and effectively.

    While the Symptom Checker does not provide medical advice or connect employees directly to a health care provider, it will provide consistent self-monitoring and reinforce proper protocols.

Latest Updates

In partnership with the CDC and Spectrum Health's Infectious Disease doctors, this tool is updated frequently. Changes are listed below:

  • April 4th - initial release of the symptom checking tool
  • May 5th - addition of less common COVID-19 symptoms such as sore throat and nasal congestion. The inclusion of these symptoms may increase the number of individuals being directed to seek further medical advice.

Sample Email Template for Employees

Screening Entry Poster

Screening Help

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