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We continue to explore ways to—together—create collective benefit for our communities. Sharing timely and relevant information about health and wellness will keep us all moving in right the direction. 

Vaccine reminder: Those 18 and older may self-schedule their vaccine on our COVID-19 vaccine page. To schedule a vaccine for someone ages 12 to 17 or those needing special assistance, call 833.755.0696

Final approval for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for people ages 12 to 15 is expected Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Please visit our COVID-19 vaccine page for scheduling options.

Pregnancy and vaccination questions and answers

Naturally, expectant mothers are experiencing some hesitancy and a lot of questions about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In this short video, Leon Hendrix interviews David Columbo, MD, division chief, maternal-fetal medicine, about this topic. Listen as he dispels myths and explains why he strongly encourages pregnant women to get vaccinated, how the mRNA vaccines work and allow the mother to pass antibodies to her baby, why pregnant women are at increased risk of getting sicker from COVID-19 and more.

Spiritual care is back on-site

Our community spiritual leaders play an important role in the emotional and spiritual health of our patients. We are pleased to share that community spiritual leaders are once again able to visit hospitalized patients from their faith community at Spectrum Health hospitals (not yet at rehab and nursing centers). This leader may visit in addition to those who are able to visit under current visitor restrictions.

Education and dialogue

Vaccine hesitancy

Listen to CJ Gibson, MD, surgical critical care physician, as he helps to answer questions for those who may be hesitant to receive their vaccine.

Vaccine health series

The Community Conversation: Vaccine Health Series came to a close on April 30 after launching back in January. What a journey it has been, featuring candid talks about COVID-19 and the vaccine in a variety of sectors in our West Michigan community. You can revisit those conversations on our Facebook playlist.

About COVID-19

Busting myths and misconceptions

Information found on social media about COVID-19 can be inaccurate. Physicians from Spectrum Health and community clinical organizations have come together in a video series to address misconceptions that they have come across. Hear from the experts on a variety of topics.

Community partners

Spectrum Health experts and community leaders outline how they are working together to raise awareness of COVID-19 and address health disparities in a series of public service announcements and community impact videos.

Downloadable resources

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Heart of West Michigan United Way 2-1-1

The Heart of West Michigan United Way 2-1-1 services are available in every county in Michigan and serve as a resource hub for individuals, organizations and families. Services include food, shelter, utility assistance, transportation, childcare and more. Heart of West Michigan United Way 2-1-1 serves 14 counties. View their web-based resource list or dial 2-1-1 and a call specialist will help you.

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