Inclusion & Diversity is About...

...treating people—our consumers and our peers—with dignity and respect. It's about belonging and about engaging with others. It's about stepping out of comfort zones, suspending judgments and being curious. It's about actively listening and including different perspectives.

Community and Commerce

To us this means listening to consumers, understanding what they want and need, forging collaborations with community partners, and creating innovative products and services that improve health. It also includes supplier diversity programs, scholarships and celebrations.

Four Cs inclusion and diversity

Career and Culture

We offer professional development and education for our employees with the goal of creating a culturally intelligent workforce, inclusive policies and initiatives that will support a culture of inclusion. 

Inclusion Resource Groups 

Inclusion resource groups are employee-led groups formed around common demographics, characteristics or shared interests. IRGs at Spectrum Health include: 

Spectrum Health Young Professionals
Spectrum Health Young Professionals develops, strengthens and empowers its members to achieve a successful career at Spectrum Health. SHYP is an innovative and influential inclusion resource group that provides professional development, networking to build relationships, opportunities to help advance business objectives and a connection to the community.

Healthy Pride

Healthy Pride is for individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, or other orientations and identities, and their allies.

SHAARE: Spectrum Health African Americans for Resources & Engagement

Spectrum Health African Americans for Resources & Engagement, or SHAARE, serves as a resource for African American employees and allies to engage internally and externally with the community to fulfill Spectrum Health’s mission to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Veteran Inclusion Resource Group
The Veteran Inclusion Resource Group supports our strong veteran community through comrade, advocacy and opportunities for all by:
• Advocating for veterans’ care within our community and Spectrum Health
• Enhancing the careers of fellow veterans at Spectrum Health
• Promoting Spectrum Health as a veteran-centric organization

Fusion: Hispanic/Latino Inclusion Resource Group
Fusion serves as a link between Spectrum Health and the many Hispanic/Latino communities. It acts as an educational resource to current employees and strategically positions Spectrum Health as a premier health system among our Hispanic/Latino communities.