Physical measurements and samples faqs

What types of samples does All of Us collect?
At this time, we are collecting blood and urine (“pee”) samples. We may ask for a saliva (“spit”) sample, too.

Why does All of Us want samples?
Samples are a way to understand both health and disease. Researchers will study things in samples like chemicals, biomarkers, and DNA. Chemicals include things like medications or drugs. Biomarkers are signals your body gives off. DNA is your unique genetic information. We will ask for your permission to let researchers study your DNA. You can say yes or no.

Will you test my samples for drugs?
Yes. Your samples may be tested for medications and drugs. We will use this information for health research. We will not use it for criminal prosecution.

Where and how long will my samples be stored?
Your samples will be sent to a secure lab. Currently, the National Institutes of Health has a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minnesota. The Mayo Clinic will be the storage lab for the All of Us Research Program. There is no time limit for how long your samples will be stored.

If I’m not comfortable giving a sample, can I still participate?
You get to choose how much you participate. We are thankful for involvement at any level. We will ask everyone who joins about their health, family, home, and work. We may also invite you to do other activities, but you do not have to do them.

Can I decide which research studies are allowed to use my health information?
No. If you decide to join, your information will be available for many research studies.

Can I give a blood sample if I’m ill?
Probably yes. It depends on the illness you have. If you have a blood disease or have had a transfusion, you may need to check with your health care team before giving a blood sample. If you have donated blood or had a blood draw earlier in the day, you may need to reschedule your blood sample appointment.

If you find a problem with my blood or urine, will you let me know?
The All of Us Research Program is a research effort, so we cannot provide any health care. Right now, we don’t know what tests we may do on your blood and urine samples. We also don’t know when we will do the testing. It may be months, or even several years, until we do certain tests on the samples you provided. These tests may not tell you very much about your health currently, but they will be very helpful for research.

We will share the numbers we get back from the tests. We may also provide some educational materials to help you learn more about the tests. We always recommend that you talk to your doctor about your health care needs and concerns.


Call with questions, or to schedule an appointment.

All of Us is a service mark of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). 

The All of Us platform is for research only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.