Contractor orientation

Contractor Badging for facilities

In order to maintain compliance with the Joint Commission and all federal regulations, compliance is mandatory for any supplier or contractor to work on Spectrum Health projects or in owned/leased buildings. We require the following to ensure basic health care-related safety standards are followed.

  • Badge is to be always worn at collar level when working in Spectrum Health buildings
  • Conduct to abide by the Code of Excellence (read and signed yearly)

To start the process for a contractor to receive a badge, please have the Company’s HR email the following information to and copy the Spectrum Health Project Manager for verification.

Once all the information is received and an email has been sent back to sender that we are ready for the contractor to present for a badge, the contractor may present. Please allow at least 24 hours for completion.

Supplier Registration

After a short survey, interested suppliers will be added to the registration queue.