For facility vendors

The collected information on this vendor page contains many of Spectrum Health’s:

  • Guiding principles for constructing, renovating, and using facilities
  • Typical and standard material selections
  • Product and equipment specifications
  • Project processes and protocols
  • Forms and documents for project communications
  • Health care, administrative, and support space design guidelines

Other critical information for

  • Conducting business with Spectrum Health
  • The design, construction, and maintenance of facilities
  • The general expectations Spectrum Health has of its vendors, suppliers, contractors, and partners

This information is provided for the convenience of our vendors, suppliers, contractors, and partners. These specifications are not necessarily inclusive of all items required by Spectrum Health in a given arrangement and Spectrum Health reserves the right to revise/add to these specifications as it deems appropriate.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY – Any purchase of services by Spectrum Health must be in a formal written contract executed by both parties.

Standard forms and documents