Sustainable Health Care

Sustainability to Improve the Health of Our Communities

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At Spectrum Health, we recognize there is a strong interconnection
between human and environmental health. In order to deliver
on our mission to improve health, inspire hope and save lives, we
must purposefully choose actions that make a positive, sustainable
impact on people, our environment and the economic health
of the communities we serve. We are committed to the three “Ps”
of sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity.


Spectrum Health’s goal is to put people first by investing in equity;
celebrating health and well-being of our patients, visitors, team
members, physicians, health plan members and the community.


Spectrum Health recognizes the interconnectedness of human
and environmental health. Our goal is to protect the natural
environment by greening our operations and investing in the health
of our local and global community.


Through fiscal responsibility, Spectrum Health can deliver
high-quality, affordable care. As an anchor institution, we invest in
our local communities, environmentally-friendly products and
services, and diverse businesses; and we remain mindful of the
value and impact our dollar can have.
Each of us at Spectrum Health is an environmental steward and
has the power to make a difference. As an organization, we pledge
to minimize our environmental impact by developing strategies
that amplify and expand existing efforts—intentional purchasing
practices, team member engagement, resource management,
responsible waste disposal and operational efficiency—leading to
our ultimate goal of carbon neutral facilities by 2040.

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