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Our mission statement

Maintaining operational balance through planning, preparedness, risk mitigation, response, and recovery

The Spectrum Health Business Assurance department, formerly known as Spectrum Health Emergency Preparedness, has been charged with maintaining operational balance during planned events or unplanned incidents. This is achieved by:

  • Analyzing the areas of risk and vulnerability
  • Developing mitigation and response plans
  • Developing a comprehensive education program
  • Managing the incident based on incident command principles through the System Command Center structure, and,
  • Developing and implementing a business continuity strategy to minimize the organizational impact integrating the response throughout the System.

The Business Assurance Program provides a framework using four distinct domains (emergency preparedness, operational readiness, business continuity, and situation management) to promote proactive risk and opportunity identification, analysis, evaluation, and treatment. This includes loss control and risk strategies that minimize adverse effect of loss and enhances opportunities within the operational, clinical, safety, human capital, reputational, strategic, financial, regulatory, technological, and hazard domains of the organization.

A message from the Director, Julie Bulson

Director, Julie Bulson

I have been involved in healthcare emergency preparedness for more than 30 years and have seen dramatic changes in expectations, requirements, and interest from organizational leaders and team members. 

Often changes in interest and support of healthcare emergency preparedness programs occur after a significant incident. We need to take advantage of those opportunities to strengthen and grow our individual programs. However, I’m hoping these blog postings will help raise awareness of the critical issues, best practices, and provide some support as we all work to ensure our national healthcare framework is safe and ready to respond to any type or level of crisis. Please do not hesitate to let us know what is on your mind by sending us an email at the link below.

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Home preparedness in a year
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We want to provide you with tools and resources to help you be better prepared for an emergency at home. By using these tools and building your home preparedness in small portions, once per month, you will have a fully operational home preparedness program in one year.

Course schedule and offerings
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Upcoming educational opportunities

June 9 - Thursday, 8am
HERT Training

June 10 - Friday, 8am
HERT Training Day 2

June 16 - Thursday, 8am
2022 MDHHS Behavioral Health

June 22 - Wednesday, 1:30pm
NIMS 100, 200, 700 education

August 11 - Thursday 8am
HERT Training Day 1

August 12 - Friday, 8am
HERT Training Day 2

August 14 - Sunday, 1pm
OMCBA MCI Exercise

October 7 - Friday, 12:20pm
Ottawa County Shelter-in-place

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