Value analysis program

Value analysis is a systematic, objective process for providing an evidence-based practice to evaluate current and developing technologies. The goal is to decrease and manage expenses by considering different products and services, while upholding the safety and quality of patient care. 

We are always working to improve how we provide health care to our consumers. People are at the heart of everything we do. They drive our passion, our innovation and our solutions. Our value and executive analysis teams focus on cost savings without compromising patient quality care. The teams achieve system alignment with top priorities and goals, while achieving our vision of personalized health made simple, affordable, and exceptional.

Value analysis team

Value Analysis flow chart.

Our team consists of members with distinctive skills and knowledge to elevate the program to the next level in the maturity model. It includes registered nurses in value analysis program specialist roles, along with a variety of content experts and specialists to collaborate continuously working toward exceptional care for the team members and patients of Spectrum Health.

Product request overview

Product Request flow chart.

For a product to be approved and brought into Spectrum Health, there is a standard process to follow. The request is submitted by a clinician to a program specialist. Prior to bringing in a new product to the system, a review must take place. This process includes a product evaluation with data and feedback collection. Content experts present the data at team meetings. Each service line has a designated committee and hold scheduled meetings. The roles of sourcing specialists, finance and supply chain are to collaborate for the best cost analysis. Upon review of the product analysis data, a decision is made to agree on the new product or decline it from moving forward. If the dyads agree, the implementation process begins. Enterprise resource planning numbers are established and communication to all appropriate team members with additional changes or modifications are expressed. The product is stocked at the distribution center and fully implemented into the system.

Maturity model

Table listing phases and focus for the Spectrum Health Value Analysis Maturity Model

We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to achieve excellence in all we do. Our maturity model encompasses the pillars of value analysis in healthcare. Five phases of maturity are measured for each category. Categories assessed include: focus, outcome driven, process, use of evidence, and team structure and engagement.

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