Spectrum Health Foundation funding priorities

Hundreds of programs and services at Spectrum Health are strengthened and made possible through philanthropy. Your donations allow our providers to deliver high quality care to patients of all ages, across all service lines, throughout the entire region.

Following are the vital initiatives at the forefront of our strategy for this year and beyond.

Our Top Priorities

Annual Funds

Our Annual Funds

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Additional giving priorities

Care coordination

We consider all perspectives—patient, family, and provider—to ensure that every patient receives the right care at the right place at the right time.

Cancer care


We use a team approach to care, treating cancer using the latest technologies and treatments, including gene sequencing, targeted therapy and advanced surgery techniques.


Our nationally recognized team of pediatric cancer specialists is here to offer hope to your child and family through state-of-the-art, comprehensive care.

Culinary medicine

Our Culinary Medicine program seeks to engage both health care professionals and community members in the importance of food as a tool in achieving optimal health.

Heart and vascular care

Spectrum Health offers a full range of personalized cardiovascular services—from preventive cardiology to heart transplants, and everything in between.

Heart research

Our clinical research team strives to achieve advancements in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of congenital heart disease, as well as implement new modalities of cardiac care.


Spectrum Health brings together specialists that are backed by the most advanced neurological testing, imaging and neurosurgical technologies available—everything you need to heal.

Precision medicine

Precision medicine is individualized health care that seeks to make health care better by considering factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history.

Renucci Hospitality House

When medical treatments require an extended stay in Grand Rapids, Spectrum Health Renucci Hospitality House is here for our patients’ families—more than 300 each month.

Virtual health care

Virtual care is the same care, on your terms—the same level of quality, care and treatment you expect from in-person appointments, better fit into your life.

Wish lists

You can meet the needs of our patients and their families by purchasing items that will go directly to the area of your choice throughout Spectrum Health and Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

Give a gift today

Please consider giving a gift today - your funding will help to support our greatest needs at this time.

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