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Stories to use while fundraising

  • CalvinMonroe

    Witnessing a miracle

    At 3 months old, Calvin Monroe's heart stopped beating. It regained its rhythm thanks to people and place, timing and technology.

  • IsaiahLunsford

    His whole story has been a miracle

    Adopted from China with heart defects, Isaiah Lunsford receives a life-changing surgical fix.

  • KamrynKlotz

    We’re not going to let this define her

    The Klotz family manages daughter Kamryn's cystic fibrosis with grace, trusting medical breakthroughs will escort her through a long and beautiful life.

  • Khalique

    Mom, I think I have Cancer

    13-year-old Khalique Vialva is fighting a rare form of cancer that affects only four in 1 million kids.

  • MaddiePagel

    I love you, mommy

    Madison Pagel’s brain tumor nearly took her life—until a clinical trial gave her a second chance and a whole lot of hope.

  • MerrittSmith

    Merritt’s mystery

    Merritt Smith experienced seizures and missed developmental milestones. Genetic testing revealed the cause—a missing chunk of a chromosome.