Your Hospital Stay

For however long you’re here, the Spectrum Health team is committed to welcoming and caring for you. Expect us to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible by striving to understand and anticipate your needs.

Your Care Team

Your Spectrum Health hospital care team includes many types of health care professionals. They’ll introduce themselves and explain their role the first time you meet them. Depending on your needs, your care team may include:

Your Role

The best hospital experience is a partnership between you, your care team and your loved ones. We encourage you to take an active role in your care.

If you don’t understand your providers, ask us to explain things another way. Feel free to ask “why” and “what happens next.” Tell us if you need assistive devices or an interpreter. We’re here to help.

Learn more about patient rights and responsibilities.

Keeping You Safe

Trust us to follow policies and procedures designed to prevent errors and keep you safe. Anytime a member of your care team gives you a medication, we’ll tell you what it is and why you’re receiving it. We’ll also ask you your name and check your wrist band.

Learn more about quality and safety at Spectrum Health

Staying in Touch

If you’d like to contact a friend or family member while you’re staying in a Spectrum Health hospital, you may:
• Call them from the telephone in your room
• Contact them through your cell phone, tablet or laptop computer (all hospitals offer free wireless internet)
• Arrange a Care Channel video call. Care Channel is a free, private, easy-to-use service for Spectrum Health hospital patients. Your care team can help you set up this service and send invitations to your loved ones. You’ll need your loved one’s phone number or email address.
• Set up a page on CareCircle, a digital tool that lets you share health updates with loved ones

Amenities and Services

For more information about amenities and services at a particular hospital, search for a location or select a hospital from the following list: