Cancer Health Council

Established in 2006, the cancer program PFAC represents the patient and family perspective and needs in cancer care. Since the opening of Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion in 2008, the council continues to play an integral role in raising the bar on superior cancer care in all Spectrum Health cancer programs.

PFAC Cancer Group

Council Accomplishments:
  • Helped shape the renovation of the gynecological infusion area by sharing their own infusion experiences
  • Advocated and advised on the needs of the bone marrow patient as the patient navigates through the health care system
  • Provided input on how to make the process of parking, finding the right room and getting to an appointment easier for the patient and family
  • Led a pilot program that partners with local churches to promote the importance of mammography screening to the community
  • Led the push for collaboration with regional hospitals so that no matter where a patient lives, they can receive quality cancer care
  • Supported the launch of the Art in Healing program for cancer patients and family members
  • Reviewed the information that patients and visitors receive to make sure that they are getting what they need in a format that is useful to them
  • Provided feedback on a cancer survivor database, a multispecialty team program, a cancer care coordinator program and a tumor board program
  • Provided input on the Spectrum Health Lemmen–Holton Cancer Pavilion Specialty Shop to make sure that everyday necessities that cancer patients and their family members need are available
  • Partnered with Healthier Communities to promote mobile mammography and remove barriers to access for annual mammograms
  • Served as "mystery shoppers" to observe effectiveness of teamwork at various sites throughout Spectrum Health
  • Provided patient and family perspective on Lemmen–Holton Cancer Pavilion facility renovations, expansions and redesigns to expand the services of gynecological oncology and the new BMT program

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