Lung transplant

Feel certain you’re getting the best care with a second opinion at Spectrum Health.

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When you have serious lung disease, a lung transplant at Spectrum Health may help you breathe easier and improve your quality of life. Stay in West Michigan, near your friends and family, while receiving top-quality lung transplant care.

Your lung transplant partner

Trust the experience of Spectrum Health—we’ve performed more than 270 lung transplants since 2013.

When you choose the Spectrum Health Richard DeVos Lung Transplant Program, you benefit from:

  • Advanced lung transplant techniques, such as minimally invasive surgery
  • Dedicated, experienced transplant surgical team
  • Faster evaluation process
  • Less-invasive post-transplant blood test to detect your likelihood of rejection
  • Techniques that increase the number of transplantable donor lungs, lessening your time on the waitlist
  • An entire transplant team will guide you and your family through the transplant process
  • Patient survival rates above the national average
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Receiving a lung transplant

Am I a candidate?
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Lung transplant surgery replaces diseased or failing lungs with healthy donor lungs. It may be an option for you if you have an advanced lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis or cystic fibrosis. You may be a candidate for transplant if you:

  • Need oxygen therapy 
  • Have trouble breathing well enough to do daily activities, even after medical treatment 
  • Feel unsure of your lung disease treatment plan 
  • Need a second opinion—each transplant programs uses different criteria to assess your candidacy 
  • Are on a lung waiting list at another transplant center and want to be listed at Spectrum Health too (multiple listing)
Evaluation and pretransplant care
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Our collaborative multidisciplinary approach leads to successful lung transplants in people who may have been turned away from other lung transplant programs. Meet with our team of specialists to learn whether lung transplant is the right decision for you.

Transplant surgery
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Your lung transplant takes place at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids. There, an experienced surgical team works together to give you the best possible outcome. Expect lung transplantation to take 6 to 12 hours. Rely on a member of your team to keep your family up-to-date throughout your surgery.

Recovery and follow-up care
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Live well after a lung transplant with lifelong care from a team that knows and understands your specialized needs.

Financial guidance
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Look to us to help navigate your health insurance requirements and coverage and determine your costs for a lung transplant. There may be expenses that your health insurance does not cover. These costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance deductibles
  • Medication co-pays
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Lodging
  • In-home support
  • Transportation

Transplant care team

Benefit from a collaborative team that treats you and your loved ones like family.

Transplant Physician

Transplant Physician

Manages your transplant care, tests and medications

Transplant Surgeon

Transplant Surgeon

Has special training to perform your transplant surgery

Transplant Coordinator

Transplant Coordinator

Answers your questions and helps schedule appointments

Social Worker

Social Worker

Helps you and your family cope with issues that arise during the transplant process

Palliative Care Physician

Palliative Care Physician

Helps relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life



Teaches you how to eat to before and after your transplant

Financial Coordinator

Financial Coordinator

Provides guidance on costs, insurance requirements and assistance programs

Lung transplant referrals


Contact our care navigator or make an appointment to discuss your health needs. 

Physician referral

Submit patient referral information through EpicCare Link, by calling our clinic directly, or through form submission. 

Nationally recognized transplant care

Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital is recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield as a Blue Distinction Center+ for adult lung transplants. So, you know you’ll get specialized care that’s safe, effective and cost-efficient.

Get a Second Opinion

Feel certain you’re getting the best care with a second opinion at Spectrum Health.