Student Research Program

The Student Research Program is available for undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, nursing students and PharmD students who are required to complete a component of research in order to obtain their degree.  These mentored research projects typically last 2-3 months and focus on retrospective studies or quality improvement in clinical care.  

To participate in the Student Research Program, students must complete the Spectrum Health Office of Research (SHOR) Student Credentialing Training.  This training requires students to complete the following:

  1. SHOR Student Credentialing Registration Form (to be completed by the student, an authorized representative from their school, and their mentor
  2. SHOR Student Credentialing Agreement (to be completed by the student and their mentor)
  3. Spectrum Health Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and Quiz
  4. Spectrum Health CITI Biomedical Research Basic Course
  5. Spectrum Health Protecting Patient Privacy in Research
  6. Spectrum Health Fast Track Orientation (if the student does not have an active, Spectrum Health badge)
  7. SHOR Student Credentialing Session

Once the student is credentialed, both the student and mentor will receive an email confirmation and a request for the students computer log-in and access information will be submitted. The mentor should also request the student be added to their IRB protocol.  Once the IRB issues an official approval letter to the student, they can begin their research on that project.    

If you are interested in the Student Research Program, please contact us at 616.391.3050 or  Someone will respond promptly with the necessary forms and instructions, as well as help you navigate through this process as expeditiously as possible.