Research Internship Program

Undergraduate and graduate students as well as medical students, nursing students and PharmD students may apply for research internships. These mentored internships typically last 2-3 months and focus on retrospective studies or quality improvement in clinical care. This program is envisioned to provide a solid foundation for subsequent clinical research experiences. 

Registration Form: Students interested in joining a research project are welcome to register during one of three open enrollment periods. Orientations take place in January, May and September of each year. The form must be filled out completely and include the required signatures before submitting the Registration Form to the ORA’s Operations Supervisor. Incomplete registration forms and/or registration forms received outside of the enrollment periods will not be accepted until the next available enrollment period. For those registration forms that are approved, students will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to begin the credentialing process. 

Student Agreement: Prior to starting on a project, students must be approved by the IRB and must have submitted the Student Agreement. Students and Mentors need to coordinate a time to meet and review this agreement. A signed copy must be submitted to the ORA’s Administrative Manager prior to starting on the project. 

IT Access Request Form: Once students are approved to be on study, their computer log-in and access information becomes available. Students are granted access for one year at which point, those that are actively working on projects can evaluate the need for extended access with their mentor. Students receive general access to the system network, access to a shared student research folder on a shared drive, Spectrum Health email account and view only access to Cerner and EPIC. If students need extended access or access to additional applications (beyond what is provided for them), the IT Access Request Form, must be filled out, signed and returned to the ORA’s Administrative Manager.