Eligibility Requirements

Students must be currently enrolled in full-time education at a college or university with which Spectrum Health has an affiliation agreement.

Minors (< 18 years old) are currently not eligible to participate in research internships at Spectrum Health.

Participation Tracks

Please read through the eligibility criteria below and identify on the application which track(s) you qualify for participation.

Academic Credit for Unpaid Internships: This internship requires enrollment in a university or college course which grants academic credit for the unpaid internship. Candidates should confirm eligibility with their college/university before applying; proof of enrollment and re-enrollment each term will be required if selected. These internships may be available during the summer and/or academic year. For additional information, please contact human resources.

Observation Only: Observation-only experiences are currently not available at Spectrum Health.

Medical Students: Students enrolled at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine may apply for research internships if approved by the College of Human Medicine. For additional information on this process, please contact us.

Pharmacy Students: Students enrolled at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy may apply for research internships if approved by the School of Pharmacy. For additional information on this process, please contact us.

Nursing Students: Nursing students enrolled at Hope College or Grand Valley State University may apply for research internships if approved by their schools. For additional information on this process, please contact us.

Application Process

Before initiating any research activity at Spectrum Health, prospective interns must first identify a mentor and next, complete research orientation training as described below. For assistance identifying a mentor, please contact view the available research internships or contact us.


Prospective researchers must identify a Spectrum Health mentor who is willing to supervise their research. Mentors may be a Spectrum Health employed physician, scientist, pharmacist, nurse or other health care professional. The mentor may also be Spectrum Health privileged provider. The mentor should be experienced in the conduct of research at Spectrum Health and must have completed the educational requirements individuals involved in human subjects research. The mentor must be willing and able to: 1) provide instruction on requirements for the responsible conduct in research and 2) ensure compliance with Spectrum Health research policies as well as state and federal regulations.

Research Orientation

After a mentor has been identified, prospective interns must successfully complete research orientation. Research orientation is coordinated by the Spectrum Health Office of Research Administration. This includes any federally mandated training in the responsible and ethical conduct of research that involves human subjects or animals, as well as helpful guidance for accessing the resources available to support research at Spectrum Health. Students and their mentors will be required to complete and sign a Research Intern Agreement. All prospective interns will be required to complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure.

Obtaining Access to Technology

Access to the Spectrum Health network and technology may only be requested once the prospective intern has successfully completed the required research orientation. Mentors should submit a Technology Request to the Spectrum Health Office of Research Administration on the intern’s behalf. All prospective researchers will be provided with a Spectrum Health email account. Access may also be requested for the following:
  • Cerner (view only, no remote access given)
  • Epic (view only, no remote access given)
  • Pathnet (view only, no remote access given)
  • RedCap

It is the mentor’s responsibility to request or set up the intern’s access to any shared data files related to the specific research project. This includes M:drive access as well as other databases.