Conflict Of Interest Reporting

“You don’t have to do anything improper to have a conflict of interest; it is strictly situational.”

– Paul J. Friedman

Spectrum Health requires, at a minimum, annual disclosures from employees, physicians and affiliates involved in research and/or other sponsored programs overseen and managed by the Spectrum Health Office of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) as well as Spectrum Health’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Individuals fitting into any of these categories are required to disclose certain financial and other interests on an annual basis. 

Completing the required disclosure supports our core value of integrity and fulfills the requirements of the Spectrum Health Conflicts of Interest – Research and Sponsored Programs Policy (SH-ADMIN-RES-020). In addition to an annual disclosure, any new and/or updated financial interests must be disclosed under certain circumstances (refer to "WHEN must disclosures be made?" section of the policy for detailed information on these circumstances).

If you have questions or concerns about the COI process, call 616.486.2060 or contact

Please Note: The IRB cannot process any proposal until all identified personnel have completed and/or are current with COI training and disclosure. Further, the IRB cannot grant final approval to any project where an individual on the project has a positive disclosure until a final determination from the Spectrum Health Conflict of Interest Committee has been reviewed and accepted by the IRB (more detailed information available in the policy).

Read Spectrum Health's policy regarding conflict of interest in research.