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Ancillary Department Involvement

Ancillary Department Involvement

Collaboration with those individuals whose participation and expertise is a necessary component of your study is crucial to the success of your research study. In accordance with Spectrum Health Research policies, several departments within Spectrum Health have internal research review committees or research approval procedures.

Spectrum Health requires all research projects being submitted for laboratory and/or pathology services to be reviewed and approved by the appropriate laboratory personnel prior to the initiation of the study. Refer to the Request for Laboratory/Pathology Services Form for guidance on the submission process. The laboratory research coordinator can be reached at 616.267.2755 for further questions or clarification.

The Spectrum Health Radiology Research Committee and Advanced Radiology Services (ARS) Research Committee each meet on a monthly basis to review all research proposals that include radiology services. The review process is initiated through completion of the Spectrum Health Research Request for Radiology Services Form. It is recommended that this form be submitted during the study planning phase. It is ideal to have the committee’s approval prior to IRB submission, however this process may occur simultaneously. The radiology research committee facilitator can be reached at 616.486.6129 for further questions or clarification.

If your study requires Spectrum Health pharmacy support and participation, consultation with the investigational pharmacist should occur early in the study implementation process. Refer to the Request for Investigational Pharmacy Form for guidance on the submission process. This pharmacist should also be included in all site qualification, initiation and close-out visits as applicable. Spectrum Health's investigational pharmacist is Wendy Laraway, PharmD, and she can be reached at 616.486.6113 or page at 616.479.2912 or 616.479.9108.

In the event a clinical trial requires the use or placement of a device, it is necessary to consult the appropriate manager within the affected department during the planning and implementation of the study. For assistance in identifying this individual, please contact the Office of the IRB at 616.391.3050. If your study device is to be placed or utilized in surgery, please review and complete the Request for Surgical Services Form and contact the Spectrum Health perioperative business manager at 616.391.2396 to develop a strategy for identification, use and billing of study-related devices. The perioperative business manager will refer you to additional perioperative personnel as applicable.

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