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Proposal Routing and Submission

Proposal Routing and Submission

All sponsored program proposals must to be routed to and approved by the appropriate institutional officials prior to submission to the sponsor. This ensures that all appropriate parties are aware of the sponsored program proposals being submitted by Spectrum Health and to ensure the proposals comply with applicable sponsor and Spectrum Health policies and regulations. Once all internal approvals are received, the Office of Sponsored Programs will submit your proposal to the sponsor.

Please contact us early to ensure you are on track to submit your proposal on time.

Submit your Proposal to the OSP

All sponsored program proposals must be submitted to the OSP at least 10 business days prior to the sponsor's due date. Draft proposals are acceptable. At minimum, the OSP requires the following documents:
  • Proposal narrative (if SH is directly submitting a proposal),
  • Scope of work to be performed by SH (if SH is a sub-recipient on another institution's proposal),
  • Detailed tabular budget (even if not requested by sponsor),
  • Detailed budget justification narrative (even if not requested by the sponsor), and
  • Coverage analysis (if patient care costs are included in the budget)
The Office of Sponsored Programs can help facilitate your completion of these items; please contact us to request assistance.

Proposal Routing in Cayuse SP

Upon receipt, the OSP will review the above documents to ensure completeness and compliance with all applicable policies and regulations. The OSP will then create a Cayuse SP proposal record and upload the documents to it. The OSP will then submit the Cayuse SP proposal for routing. We highly recommend that all PI/PDs inform their division/department heads about their proposal well ahead of the proposal routing process.

Once all investigators have certified the proposal and all applicable division and department heads have authorized the proposal, the Cayuse SP proposal will be routed to the Vice President of Research. After she authorizes the proposal, the OSP Director will then review and authorize the proposal officially on behalf of the institution..

Proposal Submission

Once a proposal has been appropriately reviewed and approved, the OSP will submit the proposal to the sponsor. As Spectrum Health's Authorizing Official (AO), the OSP Director is solely responsible and legally empowered to submit proposals on the behalf of the institution; PI/PDs may not submit proposals to sponsors. PI/PDs must engage the OSP prior to submission of any sponsored program proposal to ensure all components of the application are accurate, complete, and compliant with applicable federal, state, sponsor, and institutional policies and regulations.