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Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Our genetic counseling can be helpful for families who have:

  • Family history of genetic disorders or birth defects
  • Repeated miscarriage or babies who died in infancy
  • Infertility struggles or medications
  • Pregnancy at 35 or older
  • Recent chemotherapy or other medicines

Your genetic counselor will review family medical histories, scientific information and test results with you. Our goal is that you and your family feel prepared to make informed choices, sort through emotions and decide what’s right for you.

Features of Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Counseling Session

You’ll bring family and personal medical history, questions and concerns. We’ll bring our extensive genetic knowledge. Then we'll sit down for about an hour to get you armed with knowledge. An important part of your session will include navigating the often emotional processing of this knowledge—and the decisions you then have to make.

Prenatal Testing

We provide testing for things like ultrasound abnormalities, advanced maternal age, family history issues and screen test results. With a specialized geneticist in our team and the most advanced laboratories available, we're here to help you get answers.